Represented companies

Company: ECOVER Belgium n.v.  

Belgian Company. The first Ecological Factory for the Ecover and Method Ecological Washing and Cleaning Products.

  • The founder of the company produced the first phosphate free washing powder 
  • Products that are 100% degradable in nature
  • High and long-lasting efficiency
  • High quality products at the level of branded products.

Representation for the Slovak and Czech Republic brands: 

Ecover - a complete range of detergents and household cleaners

Method - Sustainable product offering with unique scents and design bottles


Company: Herbow International Zrt

A New Hungarian company with unique Herbow brand products. Herbow is a combination of the words Herbal Organic World (Natural Organic World). Products are made on the basis of natural and mineral ingredients. The hearts of the products are soap nuts. Patented technology for the production of Soap nuts.

Company: Equilibra srl Italy  

A modern Italian manufacturer of natural facial and body cosmetics. The main ingredients of the products are ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Argan, Sweet Almonds. The manufacturer's concept is to provide consumers with the highest quality natural products without a certificate to be affordable for a wide range of consumers. Equilibra is the leading brand in Italy in the segment of cosmetics and nutritional supplements.


Company: Purity Laboratories Ireland 

It is an Irish company specialized on whitening tooth pastes. Beverly Hills Toothpaste is available in three qualities and price levels, in each you can be sure of the excellent results and the lowest abrasiveness of all competing toothpaste on the market.

Company: Parfumes PAR NATURE France 

Is a New fist France producer of COSMOS (ECO, BIO) certified perfumes and DEO roll ons a DEO sprays. Unique 100% eco certified nature products.